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Map 3D Addon for Autodesk AutoCAD 2024

Cartographic software product AutoCAD Map 3D is designed for infrastructure planning and management. It allows you to work with CAD and GIS data from various sources. Using complex models of gas and electricity supply systems, water supply and sewerage, you can streamline information about objects, subordinating it to industry standards and business requirements. Integrating spatial information into a database makes data accessible to all professionals, helping to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency of facility management.

System requirements:
• Pre-installed Autodesk AutoCAD 2024 with interface language identical to the language of the installed Map 3D Addon
• Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (version 1809 or later), Windows 11
• 2.5-2.9 GHz processor (3 GHz or faster recommended)
• 16 GB RAM (32 GB recommended)
• Video adapter with 2 GB VRAM, 29 GB/s bandwidth, DirectX 11 support (8 GB and 106 GB/s with DirectX 12 support recommended) • 1920×1080 screen resolution with True
Color (up to 3840×2160)
• 20 GB of free disk space (SSD recommended)
• .NET Framework 4.8 or higher

Optional for 3D modeling and large amounts of data
• At least 16 GB of RAM
• 6 GB of free disk space (not including space required for installation )
• Workstation-class video adapter with 12 GB VRAM or higher, 3840×2160 (4K) display resolution or higher, True Color, Pixel Shader 3.0 or higher

Size: 2.1 GB
Homepage: Autodesk


FileCrypt Password: 3367

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